Jun. 25th, 2011

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This whole 'being a damn grownup' thing takes some getting used to. Less and less time, more and more things to do in the time I have. And that's without partner, kids or home ownership coming into the picture.

I'm really having to make some calls about what is important to me, and what I am just going to have to let slide if I'm going to be able to devote enough time to those things.

Trigger for this is seeing the trailer for the Space Marine Xbox 360 game, and since it hits all my nerd buttons, wondering whether consoles will be cheap enough at the end of financial year sales to pick one up so I can play it whe it comes out (and catch up on all the Halo sequels etc I've missed due to being a technological primitive)

Then having second and third thoughts and wondering 'if I do this, what effect does it have on my other committments and ambitions'.

I know myself pretty well. I've had 34 years to get to know me, after all. I'd be lying if I pretended to be anything other than distractable and at times a bit lazy.

- Work.
- Reading, though at least I can get a couple of hours a day done on the train to/from work.
- Gym. I've been very ill for a week, and it's mostly because I haven't been keeping myself in shape. And the way I eat, I put on weight fast if I'm not active.
- Family and friends. Duh.
- Basic housework stuff, car maintenence etc, cos I'm far too prone to letting it slide.

Will need negotiation:
- Football. I've been enjoying a lot of the junior stuff I've been watching, but it's a big time sink on weekends.
- Roleplaying. Reckon this will be the last campaign I run for a while. Not sure where the group will go after this (the likely next GM has even more extracurricular committments than me) but GMing is two nights a week - preparation, and playing. Plus it's been something like 6 or 7 years - I WANT to play rather than run for once!
- Writing. Needs to be negotiated up, significantly. Writing group is helping on that front, but I still need to improve. This is something that's important to me, and I'll always regret not taking seriously if I don't start getting my shit together. Sticking to one project rather than my usual goldfish-attention-span flitting between shiny things is helping too. It's nice to have a project comfortably into 5-figure word counts. Make me feel like I'm getting somewhere.
- Wildlife. Also needs to be adjusted up. As an on-call/emergency reponse type person rather than an active rehabber, I need to be pulling a bit more weight in that department, though I expect that'll take care of itself once bushfire/heatstroke season comes around. At very least I need to finish that website that's been sitting around half-done forever.

Generally I spend between 10 and 11 hours per weekday either working or travelling to/from work. That doesn't leave a hell of a lot of daylight. If I'm going to gym before work then I'm basically required to set my alarm for 5:50am, gym at 6, home by 7:10, shower, shave, out the door by 8. One night a week dinner at dad's place, one night roleplaying. Doesn't leave a lot of weekday time to play with.

Where does that leave time for video games? Really? I want a family at some point. I want a dog, though I can't have one where I'm currently living. I even want to get a bit more involved in politics, maybe join a local branch.

I'm very inclined to spreading myself too thin and not finishing things I start. Something's got to give.


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