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To wax whiny for a moment, I've had a pretty rough year or so, for a number of reasons, and haven't dealt with it as well as I could have. You know, sitting around moping, neglecting work and exercise, failing to keep up with loved ones, friends and family, getting through more bottles of $3 cleanskin merlot than is strictly healthy, all the usual pathetic cliches.

One of the myriad things I have found myself having difficulty with is finding the intellectual energy and drive to be able to absorb and appreciate new books, movies, TV etc. So I've been weirdly, compulsively consuming media which I already know - rereading books I've already read (I've probably now gotten through Alistair Horne's French/German trilogy of histories more often than anybody except Alistair Horne), devouring new episodes of familiar show like Iron Chef, or sequels to familiar movies like Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (and oh boy, wasn't THAT a big hairy waste of a couple of hours of my time?). New stuff has been hard to digest. So when I finally started to get my shit together relatively recently, I looked for something non-challenging, and for no reason I can recollect right now, I picked Kim Possible.

Summary: Take Buffy, animate it, replace the vampire/demon thing with supervillains, and probably dial back the target audience's age to the early-mid teens.

It's actually really, really frigging good, and had me laughing out loud more times than I can easily remember.

The villains are brilliant (from the hilarious in Motor Ed and the Seniors - oh god the Seniors - to the genuinely rather deeply disturbing in Monkey Fist). The in-jokes are actually funny. The dialog is a killer. The romance angle, when it happens in the 3rd/4th seasons, is honestly sweet. It could use another main character or even two (Kim and Ron rock, but having a palette of two vs the four-pronged Buffy/Willow/Giles/Xander dynamic means plot options are pretty limited - there needed to be more Monique, to be honest, or perhaps Wade or Rufus needed to be less one-note), and sometimes it gets just too Disney-ish and preachy in an episode or two (you'll know the ones, when you see them!), and if you're looking for realistic Tom Clancy-ish special ops plotting, combat and infiltration techniques you're looking in the wrong place. But it's a kid show, by any real measure, so it's very hard to take offense when you're not the target audience.

I've been getting a bit more into superheroes recently as a result of running an informal and non-serious Mutants and Masterminds game (the system is GREAT by the way, absolutly awesomely brilliant, once you house-rule to fix the stunlock problem) as a backup for when not all of the regualr D&D players can make it on a Wednesday night, and it's really hard to resist the temptation to pinch Kim's villain slate wholesale, it's just that good. Bordering on Dr Dinosaur good in some places.

(I might actually post a few M&M character concepts here, to keep the content flowing, which is deeply self-indulgent, but hey, isn't LJ basically DESIGNED for self-indulgence after all?)

Anyway, watch Kim Possible. Accept it for what it is, and you'll get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it. I did.

Oh, and the fic is universally garbage, trust me on this.
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