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Cooked an Ancient Roman-type banquet for the family today, just for a laugh. It's a bit fun to do that sort of thing now and again. Weird food, to modern tastes. Vast amounts of honey, wine, vinegar and a garden of herbs ranging from the familiar through peculiar all the way to distinctly dangerous (and therefore substituted). Fish sauce on damn near everything (i wasn't going to be disgustingly authentic enough to make my own garum thankyouverymuch, so I made do with the Thai stuff). Feta cheese dressed with honey, coriander, black pepper, olive oil and fish sauce is actually surprisingly ok, though I have to admit I originally chose to prepare that particular dish to see the expression on my sister's face. The food is very much defined by the absent ingredients though. No tomatoes (ripping the guts out of italian food right there), potatoes, corn, pumpkin, rice, or chilli. No garlic or onions - they're distinctly lower class Roman food and the recipes I worked from would have sneered at them.

Next big themed dinner I do might be old English, but i'll probably need to wait a while. Sack posset is such a very, very, very winter concoction - even though it's been a funny, rainy, humid, semitropical summer so far rather than the regular baking heat, after a quick look at the recipe list I think posset in weather above about 10°C might actually be fatal...

Date: 2010-12-13 03:22 pm (UTC)
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This sounds like it was so awesome.

Date: 2010-12-14 04:07 am (UTC)
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It was a lot of fun actually. I was inspired by Supersizers Go..., which is possibly one of my two favourite TV shows in the world right now, and found all the recipes online. It's a bit of a production - too much work to do every day. I might be using the pork stew recipe again at some point though...


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